Innovation in Business Mechanisms

Providing STRATEGIC Business Development Services that maximize VALUE & DRIVE GROWTH.

Bear provides business solutions using experts from a large number of sectors. Access to these subject matter experts and these advanced business practices and tools might otherwise not be easily obtained. Our consultants offers research, technical, analytical, modeling and communication design skills for clients large to small. Our services range from one day employee development seminars to year long research, data analytics, and modeling leading to a focused strategic plateform. Bear is committed to research and the advancement of technology and innovative services. Bear strives to earn the trust of customers everyday with solutions that work every time.

We believe in:

Rigorous Development ♦ OPPORTUNISTIC Alliances ♦ Creative Marketing  ♦ Disciplined Finance  ♦

Industries we service:

GLOBAL ♦ CPG & Healthcare ♦ Technology & Manufacturing ♦ Non-Profit

Clients we have served:

Strategically located just west of Richmond, Virginia 

Community Outreach

Phone  (804) 556-6645
Maidens, Virginia 23102

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