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Revolutionary design of an ultra high torque, direct drive, low speed motor - the gearless precision drive. The first motor to provide fine resolution and high torque without gearing and feedback. Designed for high load demands and extreme environments, the gearless precision drive design promises to move in exact repeatable increments without using or needing a feedback device.


High Torque

Low Speed

Direct Drive

No Gearing

Open Loop Operable

Near Zero Backdrive Torque (when selected)

Selectively Backdriveable (unlocked mode)

Small Angular Resolution


Zero Backlash

Uses a single pair of bearings on output

Extreme/Harsh Environment

Driven Component can be directly attached to the motor without additional support bearings

Several design options of this Gearless Precision Drive (GPD) Motor exist including a Bell design option for Extreme Environments (Hot/Cold) The concept design is proven and is scalable for industrial applications.

Coring Systems

Drill for harsh environments including planetary exploration

Sample collection, caching

Percussive Design

Prototype:  Improved Rock Core Sample, Break-off, Retention and Ejection System

Drill Specs

  • Drill: Mass ~ 3 kg
  • Core Size: 10mm x 100mm long

Drill Features

Tubes act as a "power take-off" device so that tubes can be attached and driven by motors within the drill.  Tool need no motors or wires.

Percussive Drive can be added.


Dust-tolerant Unisex Electro-mechanical Connector

  • No axial pin insertion force

Autonomous Rendezvous and Docking Device

Load Cell

All mechanical (no electronics) hard VAC, high temp, underwater

Prototype:  Robust Load Cell for Discrete Contact

  • 3 - 10 descrete load sensing contacts
  • Size:  Starting at ~ 1.5" x .5" Thick
  • Full displacement ~ 0.003 inch

Environmental pressure has no effect on performance operational at:

  • Cryo
  • High temp
  • Hard vac
  • High pressure (Mariana Trench Pressure)
  • Underwater

Science and Space Instruments

Experimental Test Unit:  Fly Wheel/Reaction Wheel

Speed  >25000 RPM
Energy  =72 Joules
Flywheel Mass  =65 gms

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